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"Buying a house is a major event in life, and the decoration of a house is also a major event in life next to buying a house. The difficulties encountered in decoration are far more than expected!"

Abstract: "buying a house is a major event in life, and decorating a house is also a major event in life second only to buying a house. The difficulties encountered in decoration are far more than expected!" I often hear many owners after decoration say so. With the continuous improvement of the service awareness of the decoration company, many owners have been used to leaving everything to the decoration company. In fact, the premise of this practice is that in addition to the need to do a very detailed communication with the design, the owners also need to do a lot of homework before the decoration, otherwise some unexpected small troubles in the decoration will give you a headache

third level embarrassment: after decoration, you can't buy a home

before decoration, most designers will also provide decoration renderings for owners. Many owners will be moved to see the exquisite renderings, and built many owners' choices according to the drawings. But in fact, the original rendering showed very good, but when I went to buy furniture, I found that the furniture in the original rendering was not easy to buy in the market, or there was no furniture at all! Now the problem comes. Change the furniture, and the effect of the overall decoration will not come out. If you don't change it, you can't buy similar furniture in the market at all

level 4 embarrassment: open the door and enter the bathtub

who doesn't want to have a comfortable bathtub to take a bath at home, so many people will try to buy a larger bathtub when they buy it. In order not to waste space, many people will choose a bathtub that is basically the same width as the bathroom. After putting it in, it just takes up a certain space, which is both beautiful and practical, but the problem often occurs in this kind of bathroom with small space, Because the door of the bathroom itself will not be too large, plus the door pocket in the later stage, the door will be smaller, so it is likely that the bathtub you bought will not be able to enter at this time. What should you do? You can only break in

five levels of embarrassment: dismantle the window and enter the furniture

why did you suddenly tear down the window in a big fight? Of course, it's not that the owner wants to rework, but that the furniture can't enter the house. Only after the windows are removed and the furniture is moved in, can the windows be reinstalled to deal with the wall surface. The phenomenon of removing windows into furniture is not an example. Many owners did not consider this problem when decorating. When they finally moved, beds and some traditional solid wood furniture could not enter. In addition, in some duplex houses, the indoor stairs are mostly wooden structure, so it has a certain load-bearing range. Generally speaking, it is best not to exceed 250 kg. After decoration, if you move some heavy furniture from the stairs, plus the weight of the workers themselves, it is easy to be overweight, which has potential safety hazards

with the increasing demand for decoration, more and more "quasi decoration families" pay more attention to the customized home of the whole house. As an upgraded version of furniture, the aesthetics and functions of the whole house customized furniture are increasingly prominent

highlight of whole house Customization: meet the needs of personalized functions

pay attention to in-depth communication with consumers in the design process. Consumers can put forward some specific requirements according to their personal preferences, such as color matching, personalized specifications, humanized storage, etc. In this way, the furniture customization process can fully combine the living habits of consumers to meet the individual needs of consumers

highlight 2 of whole house Customization: reflect the owner's taste

on the basis of emphasizing personalization and functionality, whole house customization adds more independent creativity and characteristics, which can fully reflect the owner's identity, status, life taste and cultural cultivation

highlight 3 of whole house Customization: reduce unnecessary expenses

after the basic pattern is determined before decoration, the rest only needs to hand over the basic engineering to the decoration company, which will avoid many unnecessary additions

highlight 4 of whole house Customization: solve all the embarrassments above and beyond

provide multiple sets of design schemes according to customers' preferences and the size of living space. Then the manufacturer builds furniture and is responsible for distribution and installation according to the scheme selected by customers; By adopting the customized mode, the furniture can be designed according to the house type pattern and structural size of different houses, fit perfectly with the houses, and make full use of fragmented space at the same time

set sail for love, sincerely invite customization. Delang whole house customization Chongqing Dianjiang store will be grandly opened soon




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