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On April 21, at the "China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition (CCMT2008)" hosted by China Machine Tool Industry Association, Qizhong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. exhibited three CNC machines developed for the wind power generation industry, which were made of seamless steel tubes for tensile tests

according to the introduction, the three products in this exhibition: CNC vertical grinding machine, vertical milling and drilling machining center and CNC vertical gear milling machine are all independently developed by Qizhong CNC, all of which have independent intellectual property rights. The accuracy indicators of the three new products exceed those of similar products in the world. The successful development of the three products provides a strong guarantee for the high-precision and advanced equipment urgently needed by China's bearing industry, wind power generation industry, military industry, national defense, aerospace and other industries

wind power is a new energy with mature technology and accepted market value. It is understood that the global wind power development covers more than 70 countries, and the installed capacity increases by more than 30% every year. In 2020, the global installed capacity of wind power generation will reach 1.231 billion kw (which is 38.4 times of the world's installed capacity in two years since 2001, when fast forward is not allowed to load samples), and the annual installed capacity will reach 150million kW, accounting for 12% of the total global power generation. However, there is a big "weakness" in the development of wind power in China: China's wind power manufacturing industry still relies on foreign technology, especially some core equipment can only be imported. In other words, China's wind power manufacturing level is still relatively weak. The consequence is that the cost of wind power generation is relatively high, which is a major bottleneck hindering the development of the wind power market

authoritative experts pointed out that currently, China's wind power industry generally has the weakness of low manufacturing level and high dependence on foreign countries for core technology. If this problem is not solved, it will bring hidden dangers to the development of wind power market. At present, China is at a good time for the development of wind power. According to the 11th five year plan, China's installed wind power capacity will reach 5million kW by 2010, 10million kW by 2015 and 30million kW by 2020

the three machine tools exhibited by Qizhong CNC are high-precision, high-efficiency and automatic equipment for bearing processing of wind power generation equipment, which comply with the national green energy policy and have broad market prospects

zhaoyuechen, chief economist of Qizhong CNC, said that the end diameter jump of the CNC vertical grinder has reached a high precision of 3 ‰ mm, equivalent to 1/20 of a hair, filling the domestic gap, and few countries in the world can do so. This product has conquered many international advanced technologies, such as the closed hydrostatic guide rail of the worktable, the b-axis indexing of the sharpening rack, and continuously developed technologies and new structures in terms of intelligence and automation performance. The vertical milling and drilling machining center is developed to meet the strategic requirements of the new spectrum expansion. It can realize the drilling, expanding, tapping and other processes of various specification holes on parts through program control and one-time clamping. The CNC vertical gear milling machine is a gear rough machining machine for wind power generation equipment, which can finish the rough machining of the tooth profile on the outer gear ring of the aero bearing and the inner gear ring of the variable pitch bearing. (chenyimiao)

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