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Central China CNC: expand the new generation of industrial robot industry

the advantages of high measurement accuracy in the table on the interactive platform of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Wednesday show that the company is currently working with Huazhong University of science and technology to develop the key modules of the new generation of intelligent CNC system, and will gradually be applied to the products in the future, so as to enhance the core competitiveness of the company

Huazhong CNC is now focusing on expanding the industrial robot industry. The company said that it would not rule out timely intervention in the field of service robots. The company has the core competitiveness of independent research and development in the control system, driving device, servo motor and other key components of the robot. The research and development of robot reducer requires huge investment. The company will consider various modes to complete the construction of industrial chain. In addition, machine vision technology needs to be used in robot or automation products. Machine vision includes visible light vision and infrared vision, and infrared vision is a part of different technologies of infrared load measurement. Therefore, the company's infrared technology can be applied to robot or automation products by establishing the first new material research institute LED by private enterprises in the West

Huazhong CNC is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of medium and high-grade CNC devices, servo drives, CNC machine tools, infrared thermal imagers and other products. Both the stock and Huagong technology rose yesterday, both reaching new highs this year

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