The most popular CNC machine tool and programming

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CNC machine tools and programming

this book mainly introduces three parts of knowledge: CNC technology, the structure of CNC machine tools and data loss programming, including: the basic concept of CNC system, the structure of control software and the composition of hardware, servo system and detection device; Mechanical structure, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission of CNC machine tools, and CNC processing equipment; NC machining process design, programming basis, programming knowledge and programming examples of NC lathes and machining centers


Chapter 1 overview of CNC machine tools

section 1 generation and development of CNC machine tools

I. generation of CNC machine tools

II. Computer CNC

III. Development of CNC machine tools and CNC systems

IV. development of mechanical manufacturing system

section 2 characteristics and application scope of CNC machine tools

I. advantages of CNC machine tools

II Application scope of CNC machine tools

section III composition and working principle of CNC machine tools

I. composition of CNC machine tools

II. Working principle of CNC machine tools

III. main working process of CNC system

Section IV classification of CNC machine tools

I. classification of characteristics of connection control system

II. Classification by servo system type of actuator

III. classification by processing mode

IV Classification according to functional level


Chapter 2 CNC system and its application

section 1 basic hardware structure of CNC system

1. Basic hardware composition

2. Basic system interface of microcomputer

3. Structure

section 2. Function and structure of CNC system control software

1. Structure of control software

2. Function of CNC system

section 3. Composition of economical CNC system/p>

I Overview of economical CNC system

II. Hardware composition of CNC system

III. software composition of CNC system

section IV. selection of CNC system

I. cooperation between CNC system and machine tool

II. Accuracy of CNC machine tool


Chapter III servo system of CNC machine tool

section I overview

I. requirements of CNC machine tool on servo system

II Common driving elements of servo system

section II stepping motor drive system

I. stepping motor and its working principle

II. Characteristic parameters and selection of stepping motor

III. control and driving of stepping motor

section III. DC servo motor and its speed control

I. DC servo motor and its characteristics

II. Common calculation formulas of DC servo motor

III Speed control of DC servo motor

IV. transistor pulse width modulation (3. Remove the sample pressure PWM after testing 210 samples according to this method) system and its working principle

Section IV AC servo motor

I. overview

II. AC servo motor and its late development advantages are significantly weakened, the scope expansion space is greatly reduced, and the traditional profit space is squeezed

III SPWM variable frequency controller

IV. speed control of AC motor of feed system

v. vector control principle

VI. vector control principle block diagram


Chapter IV position detection device of CNC machine tool

I. open loop, closed loop and semi closed loop systems

II. Requirements of CNC machine tool on detection device

III. common types of detection device

section II encoder and coding disc

I Incremental photoelectric encoder

II. Encoder measuring device

section III grating measuring device

I. working principle of grating measurement

II. Digital conversion circuit of grating measuring device

III. reading head

IV. equal lens system

Section IV magnetic grating measuring device

I. composition of magnetic grating measuring device

II. Magnetic head

III Detection circuit

Section V resolver measuring device

I. structure of resolver

II. Composition and working principle of resolver

III. phase working mode

IV. amplitude working mode

section VI. inductosyn measuring device

I. structure of inductosyn

II Working principle of inductosyn


Chapter 5 mechanical structure of CNC machine tools

section 1 overall structure of CNC machine tools

I. composition of mechanical structure of CNC machine tools

II. Overall layout of CNC machine tools

section 2 mechanical structure requirements of CNC machine tools

I. high stiffness

II. High vibration resistance

III. high low speed motion stability

IV. high positioning accuracy

v Thermal deformation has little influence on machining accuracy

VI. requirements for man-machine relationship

section III main drive system of CNC machine tool

I. requirements for main drive system

II. Speed regulation method for spindle of CNC machine tool

III. design of hierarchical transmission system

IV. design of stepless variable speed transmission key

v. design of spindle components and headstock

VI. design of high-speed spindle

Section IV synchronous belt transmission

I Features of synchronous belt drive

II. Structure and specification of synchronous belt

III. structure of belt pulley

section v. feed transmission system of CNC machine tools Linear motor system

section VI hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems of CNC machine tools

I. comparison between electric system and hydraulic system

II. Comparison between pneumatic system and hydraulic system

III. hydraulic transmission system

IV. pneumatic transmission system

Section VII machine tool supports

I. machine tool supports and their functions

II. Basic requirements for machine tool supports

III Structural features of NC machine tool supports

IV. bed

v. column

Section VIII NC machine tool guide rail

I. functions of machine tool guide rail

II. Basic requirements of guide rail

III. basic types and features of guide rail

IV. sliding guide rail commonly used in NC machine tool

v. rolling guide rail


Chapter VI process equipment of NC machining system

section 1 CNC tool system

I Requirements of NC machine tools for cutting tools

II. Types and selection of cutting tool materials used by NC machine tools

III. NC lathe tools

IV. tool system of machining center

v. tool presetting

section II automatic tool change system

I. rotation

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