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The shrinking export of CNC machine tool industry highlights the bottleneck of development.

China's CNC machine tool products have relatively few varieties, and the development and delivery cycle is long. Because they are not developed according to the market demand, the batch size is small, which can not meet the market demand, and the market share is low; The quality is unstable (reliability is the outstanding quality crux), the performance level is relatively far behind that of foreign countries, and the competitiveness is not strong; The investment in software development is insufficient. The developed CNC system lacks a common software specification and support platform. It has not yet realized serialization and commercialization, and has no industrial scale

due to the impact of post crisis, lack of product innovation and other factors, the export of CNC machine tools has been seriously blocked, and the bottleneck of the development of the machine tool industry has become more apparent

precautions and standard export status of testing machine for exterior wall thermal insulation materials

in recent years, CNC machine tools with a large increase in China's export volume include CNC lathes, CNC grinders, CNC special processing machines, CNC plate shears, CNC forming bending machines, CNC die-casting machines, etc., while common machine high-precision strain gage force sensing force measuring machines include drilling machines, sawing machines, slotting machines, broaching machines, modular machine tools, hydraulic presses, woodworking machines, etc. According to statistics, the export value of CNC machine tools accounts for 14.64% of the export value of metal processing machine tools, the highest level in history. The CNC machine tools exported are mainly of medium and low grade, while the special CNC machine tools and complete sets of equipment consumed in the international market are less exported in China

China's machine tool exports are mainly foreign aid, mainly to Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe Measured parameters: change the standard test parameters of the experimental machine to market-oriented such as experimental torque and angle. In recent years, the diversified development trend of China's machine tool export has been obvious, and it has begun to expand to South America, the Middle East and the Netherlands. The export volume to Britain and Canada has also increased significantly compared with previous years. The United States, Europe and Asia are the main export markets of China's machine tool products

according to the latest statistics of relevant data, the international machine tool trade volume once reached more than US $40billion per year, and the total trade volume has dropped to less than US $30billion in recent years. The production and sales of machine tools in the world's 24 major machine tool producing countries reached 36.8 billion US dollars, of which the export value was 21.5 billion US dollars, accounting for 58.4% of the total sales. However, the export volume of China's machine tools is less than 1% of the world's export volume, only 10% of the sales volume of China's machine tools. The export of CNC machine tools in China has not reached an ideal level

development bottleneck

lack of policy and technical supporting system for the development of CNC industry. For more than 40 years, the Chinese government has given a lot of financial and material support to the development of CNC machine tools, and has successively issued some support measures in terms of policies, which has played a good role in promoting the development of CNC machine tools. However, in terms of supporting policies and mutual constraints, the efforts are insufficient. While introducing foreign capital and expanding opening up, the necessary protection for domestic CNC machine tools is too thin. For example, imported products can be exempted from tariff and import link tax, while domestic products can rarely enjoy such treatment. At the same time, the development of CNC machine tools needs a higher component specialized technology supporting system to support. However, the overall level of China's industrial development can not meet the establishment of this system. The state has no major measures to establish this supporting system and lacks corresponding policy support, so it has not played a more powerful role in promoting the development of CNC industry

lack of internal motivation for technological innovation, product renewal and industrial adjustment. With a year-on-year growth of 14.71%, under the situation of good sales momentum of ordinary machine tools, the machine tool industry was confused by the market illusion. Most enterprises took immediate interests into account and did not rely on the growing financial resources to make adjustments in time. Instead, they blindly increased the output of ordinary machine tools, abandoned the industrial adjustment, product adjustment and organizational structure adjustment that had been started, relaxed technological innovation, and failed to see the development trend of the industry, Thus, the best opportunity for adjustment was missed, and the technical foundation and product foundation for further development were lost

facing the great pressure of competition from foreign strong players, since the 1990s, China's domestic market for CNC machine tools and CNC systems has grown rapidly, becoming the competitive target of industrial developed countries. In the face of strong international competitors, the domestic CNC machine tools and CNC systems are difficult to compete with the products of developed countries in terms of performance, quality and price, and face the strong pressure of import impact

China's CNC machine tool industry still needs to make greater efforts to stand in the forest of the world

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