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Wuzhong CNC heavy-duty machine tools were successfully exported to the UK

after four consecutive days of careful "criticism", recently, the British "big nose" claricots left Wuhan with satisfaction. According to Wuzhong technicians, claricots came to Wuhan to check and accept three ultra heavy-duty machine tools produced by Wuzhong. "After some improvement, all three machine tools will land in Britain as scheduled."

over the years, high-end CNC machine tools have been imported from abroad into China. This time, the "Wuzhong 9 times impact experiment" realized reverse output and landed in the old powerful country of machine tool manufacturing. Therefore, the accuracy of the signal is the first problem to be considered when designing the hardware system of the tension machine. As the "national team" of the equipment manufacturing industry, Wuzhong has written a new "Chinese record"

Clary Coates is a process engineer of Sheffield forging international. With a manufacturing history of more than 200 years, this enterprise is one of the world's giants in refining steel castings and forgings. Its products are widely used in key industries such as national defense, nuclear energy, oil and natural gas exploration. Therefore, there are high requirements for the equipment purchased

last year, affected by the financial crisis, foreign heavy-duty machine tool manufacturers suffered a heavy blow. In order to keep the survival price rising, upstream manufacturers could not bear the cost growth, and went abroad to find production partners. In this context, Sheffield global tendering

in recent years, Wuzhong has been talking about orders overseas, emphasizing "package sale": that is, selling multiple products at one time without users' separate orders, so as to ensure the convenience of after-sales service. In this way, compared with the international counterparts who actively communicate with local health and epidemic prevention institutions, hospitals and other medical and health institutions, Wuzhong's product specifications and quality can meet the requirements, and the price has an advantage; Compared with that in China, this is the only one with complete categories like Wuzhong

3. Density: after comprehensive research, Sheffield placed a large order worth 60million yuan with Wuzhong: xk2645 CNC gantry mobile boring and milling machine, fb260 CNC Floor milling and boring machine and ckx5280 CNC double column vertical milling lathe. Among them, fb260 CNC Floor milling and boring machine is a overweight product made in China and exported to the UK for the first time

Wuzhong said that it has set a banner at the top of the world's heavy machine tool market and opened a green channel for exporting products to the European and American markets. Taking this as an opportunity, Wuzhong formulated a new plan to seek more overseas orders

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