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In 2015, clothing, shoes, hats and textiles increased by 10%

2015 China Textile and clothing brand annual work conference was held in Shanghai recently. Wangtiankai, President of China Textile Industry Federation, said at the meeting that accelerating brand building is an important task for the transformation and upgrading of the industry and an important measure for the steady growth and structural adjustment of the textile industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period

in 2015, the total processing volume of the textile industry accounted for 54% of the world's total.

the output value of coal in Jixi accounted for about 70% of the city's industrial output value. Sunruizhe, vice president of the National Textile Industry Federation, introduced that from January to November 2015, the growth rate of the added value of the textile industry was 6.4%, higher than that of all industries. Under the downward pressure of the whole economy, the textile industry still maintained steady growth. In terms of Global trade, the total processing volume of textile industry accounts for 54% of the world, and the export volume of textile and clothing accounts for 37% of the world

sunruizhe said that since 2015, the growth of clothing, shoes, hats and textiles has maintained a growth rate of about 10%, and the investment in fixed assets has maintained a growth rate of about 15% throughout the development process; The main business income also basically maintained an increase of about 5%, and the total profit decreased slightly in November 2015

from the perspective of proportion, at present, clothing, shoes, hats, knitwear and textiles basically account for 10%, and the main business income maintains a proportion of more than 6% in the industrial fields of qualified products under the old national standard. Ma Ruiwen said that the total profit is close to the level of 6%

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