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China's cloud computing proprietary cloud market is increasing.

the United States is a pioneer in cloud computing concepts and technologies. As early as 2006, the American Internet giant Google officially proposed the concept of cloud. Since then, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, IBM and other Internet giants have followed suit, and then the cloud trend swept the world in a short time to eliminate friction. Since 2012, cloud computing has stepped into the substantive application stage

with massive user demands and big data opportunities, cloud computing is increasingly needed by the market. Doug hauger, general manager of Microsoft's global cloud business in China, said that analysts predicted that nearly 90% of the growth of it expenditure in 2014 would be related to cloud computing, and the growth of it expenditure in China this year would be the same as that in the United States. According to IDC's earlier survey, China's it expenditure reached 180billion yuan in 2012, and it is expected to maintain a growth rate of nearly 13% in the future. By 2015, 40% of it expenditure will involve cloud computing

people in the industry often say that if you want to see the development of China's Internet, you can actually know the direction by looking at the Internet in the United States. And in the cloud computing universal material testing machine maintenance skills? The above content is a detailed introduction to this issue. In addition to the Internet giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel and IBM stepping up their deployment, cloud computing in the United States has begun to rise in the traditional enterprise market; The market of VPC is increasing; Software services rely more on cloud computing; Hardware and software companies are turning to cloud computing, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce

in China, the bat camp at the front has already smelled the tempting taste in the sea of clouds. Therefore, Baidu has launched cloud strategy and developer center station; Alibaba is determined to build the first platform for Internet data sharing; Arkema will exhibit its latest innovative composite materials and fully open Tencent cloud. The giants act frequently, and China's proprietary cloud market is also increasing

2014, known as the last piece of cake in the Internet -- education has been continuously injected with capital and new companies have been created. The scale of its cloud computing application has also increased several times this year. As a network education technology provider, the usage of CC video cloud platform has doubled; In addition, poly wireless of Alibaba, which provides cloud platform services for mobile developers, and cloud platform provider ucloud, which focuses on the game industry, are now performing strongly. At the same time, more software and hardware companies are also following the trend to turn to cloud computing, hoping to get a share

compared with the United States, China currently has a weak Cloud Computing Foundation, and many studies are still in the initial stage. However, the concept of cloud has permeated all walks of life and burst out infinite vitality. The 6th Cloud Computing Conference in China ended not long ago. The views on cloud computing development at the conference can adapt to the endless emergence of market points. However, no amount of expectations and views can be separated from the implementation of cloud computing

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