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Formaldehyde exists in wood-based panel furniture in the form of urea formaldehyde resin adhesive, which will continuously decompose and release to the bedroom. Yadan zero formaldehyde wardrobe adopts Hexiang board, takes crop straw as raw material, and uses formaldehyde free MDI ecological glue as adhesive to reject formaldehyde from the source

on April 8, Microsoft announced that it would officially stop technical support for Windows XP operating system (hereinafter referred to as XP) and office 2003 from today. Microsoft explained that with technological progress and product updates, XP at the age of 13 can no longer keep pace with the times! At the same time, Microsoft China wrote a slightly sad sentence on its official Weibo: "thousands of miles to accompany, there will be a difference. Goodbye, 13 years old friend; goodbye, 13 years old friend, it is time to keep pace with the times and meet the future." Yes, XP system has served Microsoft, 3.5 billion PC users worldwide and 500million PC users in China for 13 years, but the pace of development of the times is irresistible, the trend of history cannot be reversed, and no matter how good the product is, it will be out of date one day. Now, led by win7 and win8, XP is obviously out of trend, and it is inevitable to withdraw from the historical stage. Goodbye, XP

when you are sitting in the warm bedroom in front of the computer, crying goodbye to XP, when you upgrade the system to win7 and 8, have you ever thought that it is not only the computer system that needs to be upgraded, but also the home in your room. In today's very popular custom home, if you still use traditional wardrobe, traditional bedside table, traditional home with a lot of formaldehyde. Then I tell you, you are very dangerous, you can't keep up with the pace of the times, the trend will abandon you, you're out. This is like a modern person without QQ, wechat or Weibo. It's time to say to traditional home furnishings and formaldehyde: beybeybey

maybe you retort that my home is a little out of date, but there is absolutely no formaldehyde. I tell you, it's not scientific. Scientific research shows that formaldehyde exists in wood-based panel furniture in the form of urea formaldehyde resin adhesive, and it is continuously decomposed and released to the bedroom within 8-15 years. The bedroom is the most important place for daily life and the place with the greatest risk of formaldehyde accumulation. Because the area of the bedroom is generally small, the closeness of doors and windows is high, and the density of furniture is often the highest. Assuming that the area of the bedroom is 15 square meters, the general family will lay wooden floors and be equipped with necessary supporting furniture such as wardrobe, bed and bedside table, wooden door, etc. These furniture use about 20 sheets of boards in total. According to the calculation that 1 kg of formaldehyde is used for every 3 square meters of wood-based panels, that is, one panel, the total source use of formaldehyde in the whole set of bedroom furniture will reach 20 kg

the amount is terrible, and the harm of formaldehyde is well known. This is a kind of carcinogen that is very harmful to human body. Among them, it is the most harmful to pregnant women and children, and can lead to colon cancer, paranasal sinus cancer, childhood leukemia, maternal abortion, neonatal intelligence and immune system development and other serious consequences

Yadan wardrobe is the leader of zero formaldehyde home furnishing and one of the top ten domestic customized home furnishing brands. Adan zero formaldehyde wardrobe adopts Hexiang board, takes crop straw as raw material, and uses formaldehyde free MDI ecological glue as adhesive. It rejects formaldehyde from the source. It is the most environmentally friendly man-made board in the world, and it is also the most ideal upgrading product of traditional wood-based man-made board. No formaldehyde emission has been detected by the authoritative test of the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of wood-based panels and wood and bamboo products and the authoritative certification of JIS in Japan; It has been tested by the authority of the California Air Quality Administration and obtained carb aldehyde free exemption certification. The reason why yadanhexiang board does not release formaldehyde is that it does not use urea formaldehyde resin glue containing formaldehyde, but MDI glue. This glue has high safety and can be used to make artificial blood vessels, heart valves, refrigerator liners, etc., without causing any harm to human body. Therefore, Yadan Hexiang board wardrobe has extremely high safety, moisture resistance and flame retardancy

although the old things always make us miss, the times are developing. It is a historical necessity that the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead. It is time to update the household and say goodbye to formaldehyde





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