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Everyone loves to imagine what a thing is like and how it develops. In fact, things have their own appearance, how they should be, and sometimes they are not the same as what you imagine

what is Novi family like in your imagination? In fact, the Novi family is bigger than you think

Apple Mobile's iPhone 6 slogan "bigger thanbigger" was translated into "bigger than bigger" on Apple China's official website, which was played to the extreme by businesses. Noviger, which has been the "top ten brands of the overall wardrobe" for six years, has developed steadily in the past 15 years. It is deeply focused on doing things, but rarely on momentum. Its style is low-key, so it gives the impression that the quality is first-class. Customers' understanding of noviger is only limited to a small part. The following editor will lead you to a comprehensive understanding of a larger and more three-dimensional noviger than you think

the size of the brand has created a new era of "arbitrary customization in any space"

novier home has been specializing in making integral wardrobes for more than ten years, but it is not just a product of wardrobes. The market survey found that if consumers have a wardrobe that is very easy to use, they will expect other furniture at home to become more suitable for their own living needs! To this end, novier family has expanded the categories of customized products. In addition to the traditional overall wardrobe, it has also launched a variety of customized furniture with the same series, such as bookcases, wine cabinets, shoe cabinets, dining cabinets and other categories, so as to achieve "any customization in any space"... With the vigorous development of the customized wardrobe industry and the continuous changes in market demand, novier family has already quietly stepped out of the category of the overall wardrobe, Completed the transformation from customized wardrobe to "customized in any space"

novier family extends its categories from bedroom to living room, dining room, porch, etc., so as to provide customers with "any space can be customized" service. Agents believe that this horizontal expansion business model of novier family, from customized wardrobe to customized furniture, has doubled the turnover of each order, bringing a lot of room for terminal sales to rise. However, unlike ordinary customized furniture in the whole house, the "arbitrary customization in any space" of Novi family must be able to connect the core technology, process, design, production equipment, software, management and other aspects

it is noviger's foresight in the level of marketing concept, and this honor comes one after another: as the vice president unit of the wardrobe Association of the China Federation of industry and commerce, noviger has won the "benchmark enterprise" in China's wardrobe industry, a famous Chinese brand, China environmental logo (China's highest environmental protection certification), the most respected brand by consumers, the preferred brand for green environmental protection, and the top ten demonstration enterprise of "quality and service" in China's wardrobe industry, The honor of "2012 top ten brands" in China's wardrobe industry adds a heavy weight to the nearly 1billion yuan brand value of novija

the high quality is in line with the new benchmark of healthy wardrobe defined by European environmental protection.

in the wardrobe industry with quality first, quality is the most favorable competitive weapon. The quality of wardrobe should start from the source. Good board materials can create high-quality wardrobe, and excellent technology can create noble wardrobe art. Noviger regards quality as its life. In order to meet international quality and European environmental protection standards, noviger has formulated effective monitoring of the quality of the whole industrial chain from "raw materials processing finished products circulation", and has controlled the quality from the source, including selecting the best brand suppliers for plates and hardware accessories. Such a rigorous quality monitoring system can avoid defective products from flowing to the market to the greatest extent

in addition, in order to ensure high quality, Norwich family spared no expense to surround and intercept counterfeiters in all aspects, including a series of special actions to strengthen the protection of brand and consumer rights, such as full protection of corporate brand trademarks, bar code high-tech anti-counterfeiting, steel seal mark anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting with relevant information, establishment of anti-counterfeiting report telephone, free anti-counterfeiting identification, website inquiry anti-counterfeiting, and anti-counterfeiting with the whole society

the size of the design, adhere to originality, meet personality, and integrate the beauty of European humanities

Novi's wardrobe originates from Italian style, and Italy is the indicator of global excellent design and the model of modern fashion home design. With exquisite design and R & D capabilities, humanized design applications, it is highly respected in the industry

adhering to the design concept of "science and technology, environmental protection, human nature and fashion", as a model for spreading and promoting Italian lifestyle, noviglia is the first choice for modern people who are environmentally friendly, healthy, tasteful and fashionable. With the brand-new design concept, international design style, high-quality raw materials, and the perfect combination of practical functionalism and simple fashion style, Novi family has become the leader of the overall wardrobe

the brand, quality and design of noviger are beyond your imagination. Do you want to see noviger? Come to Novi family, Novi family will perform its bigger for you




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