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PVC market prices in Northeast China were forced to increase.

due to the traditional PVC off-season in Northeast China,% of PVC enterprises in Northeast China have stopped production, especially 100% of profile factories have stopped production. In addition, the PVC markets in Jiangsu and Zhejiang remain depressed, the market competition in South China is also incandescent, and the freight is too high. Therefore, PVC in Northeast China has no way to go. So far, 6 PVC production enterprises have reduced their production. Only Jinhua Chemical has slightly reduced the production of calcium carbide process, but the VCM polymerization process is still operating at full capacity

according to the PVC enterprises, the current sales are sometimes less than 10 tons a day, and the output of dozens of tons a day can only be maintained. There is a tight, tortuous and shearing experimental space between the Northeast test bench and the lower crossbeam. At present, the price problem can not be solved. The practice has proved that the price reduction has no effect at all. In the case of a substantial reduction in sales, the Northeast PVC enterprises with lead screw drive and rack drive raised the price back to yuan/t from the place of origin. The inventory and sales pressure of Jinhua Chemical in November was great, but Jinhua also said that the price in Northeast China would not fall again

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