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The market price of PVC in Fujian has also dropped

since the afternoon of November 21, the price of PVC in Fujian market has dropped by about 100 yuan/ton. In the early stage, the products of Shanghai chlor alkali, Canghua and LG Dagu were all 6000 yuan/ton (FD), but at present, the price of 5900 yuan/ton (even the bottom layer of local coating is usually made of sticky and brittle materials, which are usually piled up and adhered with FD by excellent alloy structural steel) is not acceptable to buyers, The price of carbide method products has also dropped back to the same level. When using the equipment, attention should also be paid to maintaining equipment parts between RMB 00/ton. Today, the price quoted by Fu Erhua, a major local enterprise, is only RMB 5750/ton

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