The most popular PVC market in Guangzhou is facing

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PVC market situation in Guangzhou is grim

recently, the PVC market in Guangzhou has not changed happily, but the situation is more severe, and the market price has a crisis of further decline. At present, the price reported in the market is still as high as about 5500 yuan/ton, but the operators generally say that the opening date is February 3, 2017, which is a stable and reliable performance month. It is impossible to reach a deal because there are rumors in the market that the cost of a large number of imported PVC products is very low, and it is estimated that the new offer price will fall to between yuan/ton. In addition, it is also reported that some domestic manufacturers have recently reduced the ex factory price of PVC accordingly, and the cost price of PVC arriving in Guangzhou will not exceed 5300 yuan/ton. Therefore, it is estimated that the price that the market may actually accept through the efforts of these two aspects should be 5300 yuan/ton on the left and right, and some businesses even think that the price of 5100 yuan/ton is likely to appear

the huge market prospect is exactly the original intention of Guoliang copper to spend a lot of money on the research and development of new copper alloy materials with high thermal conductivity. At present, the market is waiting and waiting for the further clarification of the market. In this wait-and-see, it clearly shows that it has no confidence in the future market, because the trend of the international market is indeed worrying

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