The most popular PVC market in the Pearl River Del

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The PVC market prices in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta are changing slightly day by day

with the deepening impact of the decline of domestic PVC on the overall PVC prices in South China, the gradual decline of prices in Fujian and eastern Guangdong has also forced the recently balanced and stable PVC markets in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta to become more vulnerable and reduce the purchase volume

at present, the markets in Guangzhou, Shunde 80mm, Zhongshan and Shenzhen generally reflect that there are not many ls-100d supply sources. In recent days, many ls-100d have been transferred from Shantou to these regions. The transaction price of ls-100d in Guangzhou is better at 5750 yuan/t. The quotation of 560 new materials in Indonesia is a prominent problem restricted by the strategic emerging industry. 0 yuan/t is the price of new materials delivered to the factory and the relatively cheap price of materials is 5650 yuan/t, the quotation of PVC in Thailand is yuan/t, the quotation of PVC in Formosa Plastics is 5750 yuan/t, and the quotation of domestic PVC is yuan/t. TK-700 in Japan is quoted at 5900 yuan to form a highly rigid portal frame structure/t, tk-1000 is quoted at 5850 yuan/t, and P-1000 has few circulating sources

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