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The PVC market price in Shandong has accelerated its decline

the PVC market price in Qilu Chemical Industry City has undergone a series of breathtaking upheavals this week

the market price has just dropped from 5350-5400 yuan/T to 5250 yuan/T in the past two days. Today, Qilu Chemical City just opened in the morning. All PVC prices fell rapidly to 5050 yuan/T, and it has excellent compatibility with other plastic raw materials. From now on, the dealers have begun to sell the inventory of low-priced goods, so as to prevent being trapped again. Therefore, the market price is still unpredictable

Russian made PVC will enter the markets in the north in mid August. If the price of PVC made in the North drops significantly compared with that of resin, and the purchasing psychology falls into a low tide again, the price of Russian made PVC will pose a great threat to the market in the north

at present, Qilu Petrochemical adopts a mold configuration with multiple cavities. The ex factory price of VC remains at 5150 yuan/T. at the beginning of August, about 7000 tons have been booked, and there is little inventory pressure

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