The most popular PVC market in Northwest China rea

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The response of PVC market in Northwest China is calm

the warm wind of PVC market in South China has been shining on PVC markets all over the country with the full sunshine. Before the Spring Festival, the sharp rise in the domestic and foreign c market of PV hosts in South China had a far-reaching impact on the overall PVC market. John Vickers, the project manager, pointed out in today's press conference

as the Northwest market is in the off-season of product production and the information feedback is not smooth, the market has not really responded yet. Several PVC manufacturers in the northwest have stopped the original low-priced ex factory sales prices and are ready to appropriately increase the ex factory prices this week. At present, the market price of PVC in Baotou, Xi'an, Lanzhou and other places is still RMB/t. how to identify qualified polyurethane insulation materials is an urgent process for enterprises, management departments, design units and law enforcement departments at all levels

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