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PVC market prices in South China fell slightly

from the situation reflected in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta in the past two days, the import of PVC at Huangpu port is still increasing, various imported PVC brands are gathered in Huangpu, and many PVC transactions are conducted at the port

from August 22 yesterday, the factory transaction price in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta softened to 5200-5250 yuan/T, the transaction price in the ocean PVC market was 5080-5100 yuan/T, and the transaction price in Thailand, Formosa Plastics and Indonesia was 5200-5250 yuan/T. The transaction price of Korean P-1000 and ls-100d is 5250-53, and the number of new energy vehicles in China has exceeded 120000 yuan/T

the transaction price of domestic PVC factories in eastern Guangdong is 5060-5080 yuan/T, and that of Iranian PVC is 5080-5100 yuan/T; Medical manufacturing solutions: Vesta (now under the life science department of Lubrizol) provides customized services for medical products. If there is any doubt, the transaction price of PVC in Thailand and Indonesia is 5100-5150 yuan/T, and the transaction price of P-1000 and ls-100d is 5120-5180 yuan/T

the transaction price in Xiamen, Fuzhou and Quanzhou markets in Fujian is 5000-5050 yuan/T, but there is no mass transaction

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